Session 8

For May 15, 2021


Here are the verses and questions we will be exploring. I sure hope you can spend a few minutes to prep for our discussion. Here we go:


READ Luke 24:13-27

QUESTION: What are some of the things that cause you to not recognize God’s presence?


QUESTION: Why do you think that the disciples came to the conclusion that they had “lost everything”?


QUESTION: What are some things that Christians have given up hoping for?


QUESTION: Why do you think Jesus asked the disciples, “What things?” in verse 19. Was he just trying to be funny?


QUESTION: How have we interpreted Moses and the Law as something separate from the cross?


QUESTION: Are there things in your life that you don’t understand why, and hope to someday understand?



 READ Luke 24:36-49


QUESTION: What do you think it means that Jesus “opened their minds so that they could UNDERSTAND the Scriptures”?


QUESTION: Why do you think that the disciples were troubled when Jesus appeared to them again in verses 37 & 38?



We sure can't wait to interact with you! See you soon!


Much love,

Roy Ice & Elizabeth Talbot


Every Wednesday morning Pastor Roy Ice releases the upcoming Scripture text and a list of questions to ponder, and this is called The Bible Lab Wednesday Warmup. This is the place that we pose the major question and topic of the coming study session.

Think about this on your drive to work or your daily walk. Then pray, research and come prepared to share with the group.


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